End of the final race in Westerlo of Ayamh, Anthony, Amaal and Amberwesterlo 046
    Our afghans participated at the 'interland Be/Nl in Westerlo.Seven of our afghans were present : Ayamh, Anthony, Amber, Amaal, Fenrir, Falak and Fatin. For our A generation being 8 years old it was their last oficial race in Westerlo and they got nice presents. Thanks for everything to the club of Westerlo.

    Amaal was the winner in afghans B 350 m

    Fatin wins afghans B 480 m

    westerlo 001
    start of Ayamh (red), Anthony (blue), Amaal (white) and Amber (black)

    westerlo 006
    End of the 1ST race of the A's

    westerlo 015
    start of Fenrir (white),Falak (blue), Fatin (red)

    westerlo 023
    Fatin (red) and Falak (blue) are very interested in what's happening at the racetrack

    westerlo 035
    Fatin is the winner

    westerlo 041
    Second start of Ayamh, Anthony, Amber and Amaal

    westerlo 054
    Amaal is the winner

    westerlo 059
    Our A's and their presents

    westerlo 061

    westerlo 062

    westerlo 066
    After the race some more fun at home in Hasselt

    westerlo 067
    Falak (left) and Ayamh (right)

    the end of a beautiful day...

  • autumn in Beveren

    Autumn in Beveren

    From the left to the right Anthony, Amber, Fenrir

    anthony 003


    anthony 006
    anthony 001Ayamh and Falak

  • autumn in Beveren


    anthony 006anthony 003


















    anthony 001

  • autumn in Beveren

    anthony 003

    from the left to the right Anthony - Amber - Fenrir



    anthony 006





    Ayamh and Falak

    anthony 001

  • new pictures

    New picture of the race in Westerlo last week.

    Thanks to Rob van Thienen for this super pic of our 




  • show Eilenburg (DE)

    Show Eilenburg (DE) - judge mr. Fischer - 19th of sept

    Fenrir wins EXC 1 VDH first time out in champions class

    Falak wins EXC2 RVDH in working class



  • int race Westerlo 13th of september

    After a month of rest and holiday in Arosa (Ch) our afghans were back at the racing track in Westerlo and they had fun !!!!!

    Ayamh took the first place, followed by Amaal and Amber in the afghans B race 350 m.

    Fatin took the first place, followed by Falak and Fenrir in the afghans B race 480 m.

    Amber and Ayamh in Arosa





  • new picture Furkhan