• ROUND UP 2009

                       Round up 2009


    For aelat Meltem 2009 is the fantastical year in which three of the four afghans of our f-litter became champions.

    Fatin : international coursing champion

    her brother Fenrir and sister Falak became show champions :

    Falak : dutch champion, deutscher vdh champion, res. europasiegerin. 

    Fenrir : deutscher vdh champion.

    Both Fenrir and Falak still only need one german cac for the title of german dwzrv champion and one cacil for the title of international coursing champion. Falak still only needs 2 cacibs to become an international show champion.


    For our A-generation it was their last official racing and coursing year

    Amber participated in 53 official coursings and in 59 official racings in her entire career. In 2004 she won the title of belgian coursing champion.

    Amaal participated in her entire career in 55 official coursings. She is a multi cacil and res.cacil  winner. She participated in 60 official Bclass races in which she was often the winner.

    Ayamh participated in 50 official coursings of which he won a few and participated in 71 !!!! official racings.

    Anthony got his racing and coursing licence when he was already four years old. But he also participated in a lot of coursings and racings. He got particularly good outcomes in coursing.



  • Xmas


  • snow pics

    Furkhan in the snow


    and Bhelos, father of our f-litter



    thanks to Heike and Daniëlle for the pictures