• Beauty and performance weekend in Sevenum

    Our afghans participated at the beauty and performance weekend in Sevenum.

    FALAK -  show : EXC 1 !!!!!

    -  coursing : 3th place out of 12 bitches, she was even 1st after the first run


    FENRIR - show : EXC 2

    - coursing : 6th place out of 11 dogs and winner of the CACNL !!

    it's Fenrir's first CACNL for the title of dutch champion of beauty

    and performance.

    AMBER AND AYAMH : our 9 year olds had great fun at the coursing training !!!!

    sevenum 031.jpg















    Falak at the show

    sevenum 041.jpg


















    Start of Amber and Ayamh at the coursing training.

    sevenum 049.jpg


















    Start of Fenrir (white)

    and finally a super picture of our Falak in full action. It's still a picture of the Chardonnay coursing as we haven't one of Sevenum as it was raining so hard when the bitches went coursing. Many thanks to Rolf Bosch - al Jalalabad afghans - for this picture !!


  • White roses

    verjaardag 016.jpg


















    White roses to celebrate the fourth birthday of our very precious

    F-litter !!!!

    Happy birtday FENRIR, FURKHAN, FALAK AND FATIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and hopefully many many years to come !!!!!!




  • Belgian championships racing

    1st of august - Belgian championships racing in Beringen - 480 M

    Falak takes the third place, Fenrir is fourth.

    bk 024.jpg