• First snow in Beveren.

    First snow in Beveren !!!


  • 2011

    Both FENRIR (sept) and FALAK (nov) have had their heartscreening.

    Dr Kresken (DE - Collegium cardiologicum) declared both free of

    heartdeseases and OK for breeding (herzultraschall - 0 points).

    In 2011 we plan a new litter and our multi champion FALAK will be 

    the mother.

    More info later on.


    RON 5.jpg

    Once again many thanks to Lies Buisman for the pictures.









    Falak before her race












    We went with our afghans Fatin, Falak and Fenrir to the international CACIL coursing Ronostrand (Nl) - 30th of october. 10 afghan bitches and 8 dogs have participated.

    Our Fatin took the 1st place in bitches competition.

    RONO 2.jpg















    Our Falak was second.

    RONO 13.jpg















    Fatin being already an international coursing champion, the CACIL and the CACNL go to Falak. For Falak it's also already her second CACIL and her first CACNL. With the win of the CACNL Falak still only needs one more CACNL to win the brand new and prestigious title of Dutch champion for beauty and performance. Falak being a dutch beauty champion already largely forfilled the beauty conditions for this title.

    Fenrir took the 7th place in dogs competition although he ran two perfect races.

    FENRIR RONO 1.jpg






    Fenrir (white)










    FENRIR RONO 3.jpg















    Our afghans and we had a very nice weekend !!!!