• season greetings



    Anthony, Amaal and Fatin join the aelat Meltem family for xmas.

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  • nat ausstellung Kassel

    intercity 019.jpg






    falak in the ring

    of honor











    National dogshow KASSEL (DE) - Judge : C Van Zanten (NL)

    Fenrir and Falak were present. Best performance came from

    our FALAK winning out of championsclass 1 EXC  - Vdh and

    later she became BEST OF BREED !!!!!!!!!!!! (38 afghans in the

    catalogue) We couldn't imagine ourselves a better ending 

    of 2010 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    falak once more

    intercity 026.jpg


















    and Fenrir

    intercity 010.jpg


  • A very special picture

    We received a very special picture of our Fatin taken at the racingtrack in Beringen this summer. Many thanks to Rob van Thienen for this picture.


  • Fenrir today

    Fenrir today

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