• Int. cacil coursing Amsterdam

    First coursing of the year for our afghans. Our bitches Fatin and Falak were not yet top fit due to the fact they were recently in heat. Fenrir got problems with the muzzle in the first run. Nevertheless it was a nice day.


    a'dam 018.jpg














     Fatin at the start (red)




    a'dam 024.jpg




    start of Fenrir (red)












    Canon 40D 291.JPG










    start of Falak (white)





    Canon 40D 310.JPG





     fatin (red)











    Canon 40D 349.JPG
















    Canon 40D 327.JPG






  • Ch.Fenrir

    volk 1.JPG

  • Annual winner show in Volkmarsen (DE)

    Annual winner show in Volksmarsen (DE) - Judge : Mrs Van de Lee

    Fenrir ends EXC 4 in champion class

    volkmarsen 003.jpg