• Pictures int racing Gouden Haas in Beringen

    1st picture : Fatin (blue)

    2nd picture : Fatin (red)

    3rd picture : Fenrir

    pictures made by www.pictostijn.net

    _MG_4625 Carasha Kaschkan(R) Fatin Aelat Meltem(B).JPG

    _MG_4915 Fatin Aelat Meltem(R) Canan el Kaschkan(B).JPG

    _MG_4903 Fenrir Aelat Meltem.JPG



  • Int racing 'gouden haas' Beringen

    Int racing 'Gouden Haas' in Beringen.

    7 B-class afghans at the start.

    All three of our afghans were in the final.

    Fatin took the 2nd place, Falak was 4th and Fenrir 5th.

  • European championships coursing in the Netherlands / Oirschot

    EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS COURSING IN THE NETHERLANDS /OIRSCHOT with almost 700 sighthounds and with 85 afghans in the programme out of 18 countries.....                                          Normaly we like to go with our afghans to coursings in the Netherlands as they are always well organised. Unfortunately this time it wasn't the case. A lot of things went wrong. Our Fenrir and Fatin were really in great shape. They run both two perfect races but didn't get awarded for their performances. They ended on a non deserved 24th and 25th place. Falak had an offday. she was afraid of the other afghan at the end of the race as she was seriously attacked by an other afghan at the end of one of her last coursings.                                                        A few pictures : 1. start of Fenrir in white                                                                 2. arrival of Fenrir in first position                                                   3. start of Falak (red)                                                                         4. Fatin in the paddock                                                                       5. Fatin (red)                                                                                       6. Fenrir is waiting  oirschot 013.jpg




    oirschot 016.jpgoirschot 027.jpg 


    oirschot 036.jpgoirschot 041.jpg                                            oirschot 044.jpg












  • Amaal and Fatin in Italy

    Amaal and Fatin enjoying holiday in Italy.

    Thanks to Yannick Ravert for the pictures.





    amaal 2.JPGamaal.JPG




  • nvow clubmatch - Lelystad

    Nvow Clubmatch - Lelystad - Nl


    judge : Mr Brandt from Germany



    Both Fenrir and Falak win Exc in champion class.

    The next day Fenrir takes the 2nd place in beauty and performance.  

    1st picture : Fenrir (first position)

    2nd picture : Falak (first position)

    3rd picture : racing the next day - Fenrir (red) - Falak (blue)

    4th picture : Amber and Ayamh coursing

    5th picture : Fenrir (red) and Falak (white) coursing                                

    lely 003.jpg                                  

    lely 022.jpg 





    lely 061.jpg













    lely 092.jpglely 079.jpg

  • CAC Show Düsseldorf - DE

    Cac - show Düsseldorg - DE  - 25th  of june

    Judge : Mr. Buitenkamp (NL)

    Fenrir and Falak win both Exc 1 - vdh out of champion class.

    We have no pictures of this event as it was raining all day.