• New picture

    Today we still received a picture from the international race in Beringen - 24 th of july - Many thanks to Rob van Thienen for this nice picture !                         G35F7905.JPG                           


  • Happy birthday !!!!

    Happy 5th birthday Fenrir, Falak, Fatin and Furkhan !!!!!    

                                vakantie khan 044.jpg                                   




  • FCI Centenary world champion of champions

    Fci Centenary world champion of champions


    Brussels, 12th Nov.2011

    Fenrir and Falak are qualified to participate, Fenrir as a Fci-centenary winner and Falak as an international champion.

    First picture Falak, second picture Fenrir
    lux 035.jpg





    oirschot 083.jpgoirschot 082.jpg

  • Nat race Awans




    Nat race Awans - 480 m - FATIN takes the first place

    awans 012.jpg                                awans 007.jpgawans 003.jpg