• PUPS !!!!!!


    Oct 19th -  Our Falak has been mated in France in the 'du Menuel Galopin'kennel of respected breeder Martial Robin by multi champion Ingenue O Menuel Galopin. He is called 'Jarmo', was born in Finland, and he came to live at du Menuel Galopin in France. His father is the well known multi champion Parce que du Menuel Galopin and his mother is ch.Boanne's Catwalk O' Verpatsha. Jarmo is a black and tan afghan, is well built, and he has a lot of temperament and great allure. He already sired two succesful litters, one of them is the E-litter @Menuel Galopin. Jarmo is a junior and adult best in show winner, and a luxemburg and international champion.  

    Our Falak started  her show career at a very young age, and from the beginning she immediately was succesful. Falak won her first CAC at the age of 14 months and kept winning. She became international, dutch, german vdh, german dwzrv and luxemburg champion.  In 2009 she became res.europasiegerin. In 2011 she became landessiegerin NRW. She won the junior Amsterdam winner title in 2007 and also the dutch junior champion title. She is multi Crufts qualified.   Falak doesn't have only talent on stage, she also is a good racer and coursing afghan. Up till now she's won two coursing cacils with a 1st and 2nd place in the international competition.

    We expect a lot  from Jarmo's and Falak's pups. The little aelat meltems will be born  around dec 21st.

    We hope they'll  be as succesful as their parents !!!!!    

    For more info : martinetorfs@skynet.be


    the beautiful head of Jarmo                                                                                                                                 


  • FCI World champion of champions

    Nov 12th - Our Fenrir took part at the FCI World champion of champions competition. His sister Falak was also qualified for this special event but couldn't participate due to her pregnancy. 

    There were 893 dogs of all kind of breeds in Brussels out of 33 !!! countries. 45 of them were sighthounds and only three of them were selected for the final round competition.

    Fenrir didn't make it to that final round but although it wasn't easy for us to go to the show due to the loss of Ayamh, it was a very nice experience. The top quality of all the participating dogs was amasing !!!

    coc 023.jpg

    coc 024.jpg

  • Ayamh

    Ayamh (2001, May 16th - 2011, Nov 10th)  

    Last week we completely unexpectedly lost our dearest and sweetest

    Ayamh. He became very ill after having taken antibiotics because

    he suffered  from rhinitis.  He died of liver and kidney failure.  Two weeks

    before his death he was still perfectly healthy. We lost a great friend and

    we are very sad. Everyone loved him very much and we were

    unbelievably devastated when we heard the news. Ayamh was a beautiful 

    afghan with absolute champion quality but he didn't like shows and we 

    respected that. His great passion was racing and coursing. He ran 50 

    official coursings and 70 official racing competitions.

    We will never forget him, he will always be with us, in our memories

    and in our hearts.