• Puppies first time out ....

    Falak and her puppies passed the weekend in Hasselt.

    Meanwhile Fenrir and Fatin enjoyed wintercoursing @ Ronostrand (NL)

    Thanks to Gilles and Yannick for the pictures

    Puppies @ Hasselt 030.JPGPuppies @ Hasselt 023.JPGPuppies @ Hasselt 040.JPGPuppies @ Hasselt 046.JPGPuppies @ Hasselt 084.JPGPuppies @ Hasselt 108.JPGPuppies 221.jpgPuppies 200.jpg

  • Here we are again, almost 5 weeks old

    Tomorrow we will be 5 weeks old. 

    1. Boy (orange)

    2. Boy (blue)

    3. Girl (red)

    4. Boy (green)

    5. Boy (yellow)

    6. Boy (red)

    7. Girl (white)


  • Jarmo's and Falak's pups 4 weeks old

    Today our pups are 4 weeks old. Time to make new pictures.

    Thanks to Gilles and Yannick.    

    1. Girl (red)

    2. Boy (orange)

    3. Boy (blue)

    4. Boy (yellow)

    5. Girl (white)

    6. Boy (red)

    7. Boy (green)


    kaan.JPGblauw.JPGgeel.JPGlulu.JPGj roos.JPGgroen.JPG

  • Something special

    Puppies Torfs1.JPG















    Puppies Torfs3.JPG















    Thanks to Francien and Harriët                                                                                               

  • Pups 3 weeks old

     Pups 3 weeks old.

    1. Girl (white)

    2. Boy (red)

    3. Boy (yellow)

    4. Boy (green)

    5. Girl (red)

    6. Boy (orange)

    7. Boy (blue)

    Thanks to Harriët and Robert for the pictures.

                                                                                                             2 pup Grijs.jpg3 pup Roze.jpg4 pup Geel.jpg5 pup Groen.jpg6 pup Rood.jpg9 pup Oranje2.jpg    

    1 pup Blauw.jpg

  • Pups 2 weeks old

    Puppies 086.jpg

    Puppies 067.jpgPuppies 054.jpgPuppies 056.jpg