• Kivive at home in Hasselt

    kivive tafel.JPG

  • Kadeen in Solingen

    Kadeen 25-03-2012 001.JPGKadeen 25-03-2012 007.JPG

  • Kareem- Khan

    Last sunday our beautiful Kareem-Khan left us and went to live in Marburg/Germany with Matthias Broszat and Fenney Sanchez and he also will live together with Neven von Katwiga. We wish Matthias and Fenney all the best with Kareem-Khan.

    kareem.JPGkareem 2.JPG

  • Falak and Fenrir and the puppies

    Puppies 676.JPGPuppies 665.jpgPuppies 668.jpg

  • Kamaal enjoys his new life

    many thanks Kathleen for the pictures


  • New pictures of Kadeen

    New pictures of Kadeen in his new home.

    Many thanks Karin und Jürgen Weih

    Kadeen 003.JPG

    Kadeen  005.JPG

  • Kivive, Kareem Khan and Kum

    Puppies 640.jpg

  • One puppy boy is still available

    Khareem-Khan has absolutely show quality and has a lot of temperament for racing and coursing. He is still available for the right family.

    Puppies 610.jpg

  • Kivive and Kazim

    Puppies @ Hasselt 2 006.JPG

  • Kamaal and Kadeen

    Last weekend Kamaal and Kadeen left us and went to their new families.

    Our sweet and beautiful Kamaal left us the first. He went to Kortrijk (BE)

    and will live together with Kathleen and Jean-Marie. We wish them all the best with the very special Kamaal.

    On sunday it was our promissing Kadeen who left us. Het went to Solingen (DE) where he will live together with frau und Herr Weih. We wish them also the very best with the attractive Kadeen.

    Kamaal together with his new owner Kathleen                                             foto9.jpg