Ring and racingtraining

We went with our afghans to the ring and racingtraining of the new afghan hound club (NL) in Velp. Kivive, Lulu and Kum took part at the ringtraining and in the afternoon Fatin, Falak, Fenrir, Amaal but also Kivive, Lulu and Kum went racing. It was a nice day.

First picture : Lulu

2nd : Fatin (left)

3rd: Fenrir and Falak

4th : Kivive and Lulu (ringtraining)

5th: Kivive, Lulu and Kum

6th : Michèle and Kivive : a great show team for the future

Puppies 815.jpgPuppies 802.jpgPuppies 809.jpgPuppies 787.jpgPuppies 794.jpgPuppies 796.jpg


  • Hoi geweldige foto's vooral die van Michèle en Kivive !

  • Hoi Martine de foto met michèle en kivive is het mooiste zijn het perfect plaatje bedankt voor de mooie foto op de website te zetten

    thanks xxx michèle en kivive

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