Baby best in show

NVOW - clubmatch - judge Mrs Bleyi- Pors

First show for 5 months old Kum and Kivive in babyclass. Kum wins the qualification Very Promising 1, best baby and BEST BABY IN SHOW !!!!!!!!!

For Lulu it's already her second show, she ends first in the baby bitches class and Kivive is 2nd, both also with the qualification Very Promising

the day after the show Fenrir and Falak went racing and coursing.

1st picture : Lulu as a very attentive spectator of what happens on the coursing field.

2nd picture : Fenrir and Falak at work.

3rd picture : Lulu and Kivive in the showring.

4th picture : Kivive moving

5th picture : Lulu moving

6th picture : Lulu

7th picture : Kum

8th picture : our very special Kum

Puppies 873.jpgPuppies 880.jpgPuppies 849.jpgPuppies 847.jpgPuppies 846.jpgPuppies 831.jpgPuppies 828.jpgPuppies 819.jpg


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