• beauty and performance weekend in Kronenberg NL


    Beauty and performance weekend in Kronenberg NL. 11/12th of august.

    Show (judge Mr van Iersel) : K'Lulu and Kum, both EXC 1

    coursing : Fatin 5th place out of 15 bitches.

    1st and 2nd picture : Kum

    3rd picture : Kivive

    4th picture : Kum-Lulu-Kivive

    5th picture : Kivive-Lulu

    and finally Fatin going to the start .....


    kronenberg 009.JPGkronenberg 012.JPGkronenberg 008.JPG

    kronenberg 017.JPGkronenberg 023.JPGkronenberg 039.JPG

  • Happy birthday !!!!

    HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY - 10 th of august -

    Fenrir, Furkhan, Fatin and Falak !!!!!

    Picture www.pictostijn.net - Fenrir coursing training Beringen