• Kum and Lulu in Gelsenkirchen

    Kum and Lulu in Gelsenkirchen.(CAC-show)

    9 months and 10 days old, first time out in JUNIOR CLASS,

    both Lulu and Kum, being the youngest ones, win their classes with vg 1.   

    First two pictures Lulu, third picture Kum.



  • New picture Kamaal

    gucci 2.jpg

  • Falak's new title !!!

    International champion for beauty and performance

    int ch b p.jpg



    Last friday we received a very special letter from the FCI confirming that

    our FALAK once more can add a very precious title to her already

    considerable collection : the one of :


    or "International champion for beauty and performance"

    This title combining beauty and performance is for us perhaps the most 

    precious of all the titles she won :

              - international beauty champion

              - dutch champion

              - luxemburg champion

              - german champion DWZRV

              - german champion VDH

              - Ls NRW

              - dutch junior champion

              - JW 07

    FALAK is the proud owner of two cacils which she won with a 1st and a 2nd place in strong international competition.


  • kadeen

    Kadeen Jüngsten BOB afghanen jahresaustellung

    Ausstellung  Kadeen  2012-09-08  Erkrath Hochdahl 024.jpg

  • Afghanen Jahresausstellung


    010.JPG                                                                                                            AfghanenJahresausstellung in Haan-Hochdahl - DE

    63 afghan hounds 

    At this show we met two of our young boys, Kadeen and Kareem-Khan who live in Germany. We were very happy to see them back. They both look very happy with their new owners and they are beautiful.... Many thanks to the new owners for the good care !

    Thanks to Birgit Kontlage for handling Kadeen so well !


    Kadeen takes the first place and went puppy bob, Kum is second and Kareem-Khan is third, all three of them with the qualification 'very promising'.

    K'Lulu becomes best puppy bitch with very promising 1.

    Fenrir went exc 4 in a big champion class and Falak got exc.

    It was a nice day !!!!

    First picture : Fenrir in 1st position

    Second picture : beautiful Kareem-Khan

    Third picture : best puppy dog Kadeen and best puppy bitch K'Lulu

    and finaly our three puppy boys Kareem-Khan, Kadeen and Kum.

    (first three dogs)


  • Fenrir and Falak in Klosters (CH)

    klosters 022.JPGklosters 036.JPGklosters 043.JPGklosters 051.JPGklosters 079.JPG

  • Kum and Lulu

    Canon  Eos 40D 021.jpg