• Coursing licence

    Today Kivive completed in Beringen all the conditions to get her coursing licence.

    Well done Kivive !!!!!

  • CAC show Haan-Hochdahl DE

    CAC show in Haan-Hochdahl - DE - judge : Mrs E.Klepp from Norway

    KUM out in intermediate class dogs takes EXC 1, VDH and the RCAC.

    K'Lulu and Kivive out in intermediate class bitches take EXC 1 and EXC 2.

    First picture : Kum

    2nd : Lulu in first position and Kivive

    3rd picture : Lulu



  • New pictures Kivive

    foto2 (2).jpgVoor Schilderij 008.jpgVoor Schilderij 021.jpg

  • Happy birthday

    10th of august : Happy 7th birthday to Falak, Fatin, Fenrir and Furkhan.

    klosters 044.JPG