• Faaiza and Fenrir

    Our MCh. FENRIR will be bred in the near future to german Ch. for Beauty and Performance FAAIZA RASATH EL MAHAR. 

    Fenrir is free of heart deseases. (herz '0' Dr Kresken - Duisburg - DE -  2010, Sept and 2013, Nov)

    Pictures 1 and 2 : Fenrir

    Pictures 3 and 4 : Faaiza

    1541102137.jpg993894766.2.jpgDSC1984 (2).jpgDSC09517.JPG

  • Kamaal (Gucci) came to visit us

    Kamaal (Gucci) came to visit us with his owners Kathleen and Jean-Marie. He came also for a grooming session. Especially Kum and Lulu were very happy seeing back their brother.

    1st picture : Lulu and Kum with Jean-Marie

    other pictures : Kamaal (Gucci) being groomed.

    011 (2).jpg015 (2).jpg033 (2).jpg

  • Fotoshoot

    Many thanks for the fotoshoot to :

    photo & edit : Stijn Vandermeulen

    model : Jo Lien

    mua : Coralie Verbruggen

    hair : Linda Neyt

    styling : Linda & Coralie

    Dogs : Aelat Meltem (Falak, Kum, K'Lulu)

    Jo Lien-4437 (2).jpgJo Lien-4442 (2).jpgJo Lien-4391 (2).jpgJo Lien-4473 (2).jpgJo Lien-4492 (2).jpg

  • Just-for-fun coursing in Lage Mierde (NL)

    Last saturday we went with our afghans Fatin, Falak, Fenrir, Kivive, Lulu and Kum to the just-for-fun coursing in Lage Mierde (NL). Thanks to CC 2000 for the beautiful day.

    Many thanks to Tinne van Hooydonck for the nice pictures of our afghans.

    The pictures show Fenrir and Kivive enjoying their race :

    af7 (2).jpgaf4 (2).jpg