• Puppy 2,5 weeks old

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  • Fenrir and Faaiza's kids

    Fenrir and Faaiza's kids almost two weeks old

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  • dogshow Goes (nl)

    Dogshow Goes, on saturday Kum went EXC 2 in open class (judge : mrs White, on sunday, Fenrir takes EXC 1 in championclass (judge : mrs A de Kraker) and Lulu went EXC 1 - RCAC - RCACIB out of open class.

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  • New litter !!!!

    Puppies, 2 boys and 5 girls are born in the Rasath el Mahar Kennel in Germany on april the 6th.

    Proud parents are Faaiza Rasath el Mahar and our Fenrir aelat Meltem.

    G-Wurf3 (2).jpgG-Wurf6 (2).jpgG-Wurf2 (2).jpg