• Nat race Westerlo 275 M

    Fatin ended on a 3th and Fenrir on a 4th place in the final.


    2014-06-08 11.49.03-1.jpg


  • CAC show Gelsenkirchen (DE)

    CAC show CAC Gelsenkirchen - judge : Mrs Van Zanten (NL) -

    KUM takes Exc 1 - VDH - CAC and his sister LULU does the

    same with Exc 1 - VDH -DSC06753.JPG2014-06-22 11.30.53.jpg C2014-06-22 10.58.03.jpgAC.
































    2014-06-22 10.55.54.jpg

    2014-06-22 22.09.39.jpg

  • One puppy girl is still available

    Beautiful Gayada is still searching for the right home.

    Gayada (2).jpg

  • Rasath el Mahar G litter already 10 weeks old

    Fenrir & Faaiza's kids are already 10 weeks old.

    The picture shows one of them, beautiful Glenda Rasath el Mahar

    Glenda (2).jpg

  • Int racing Westerlo

    Our Fatin and Fenrir at the start. Fatin ended on a 4th place and Fenrir on a 5th place in the final.

    2014-06-08 15.57.47.jpg2014-06-08 15.58.08.jpg2014-06-08 15.58.09.jpg