• 5 months old Gayada is still searching for the right home

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    Gayada Rasath el Mahar (Mch.Fenrir aelat Meltem x Ch for beauty and performance Faaiza Rasath el Mahar) is searching for the right home. She is 5 months old.



    For more info:

    mail to : martinetorfs@skynet.be

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  • Photoshoot Kamaal (Gucci) and friend Blue

    Photo : Stefaan Degraeve

    Model : Cleo Dickele

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  • Succesfull weekend in Rostock (DE)


    International dogshow in Rostock (DE) - judge : Mr M.Langer (DE)

    Our KUM went Exc1 - VDH - CAC - CACIB - BOS !!!


    Mr M Langer wrote about KUM : ' 2 jahre 9 monate, rot, bester typ, sehr

                                                         schöner Kopf, dkl augen, vollzahnig, 

                                                         vorzgl. in allen teilen, sehr

                                                         hochtypische bewegungen.'

    and as the icing on the cake our LULU went Exc 1 - VDH - CAC - CACIB

    and she became also BEST OF BREED !!!!

    Mr M Langer wrote about Lulu : '2 jahre 9 monate, rot, eif14504-33.jpgne tophündin.'




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