• xmas and a happy 2015

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  • Kamaal (Gucci)


  • Happy birthday to our K's and round up 2014

    10403045_761219680592651_989679712187405974_n.jpg604129_761221760592443_1196228903491660941_n.jpg Pictures Lulu and Kum/Lulu made by Leslie Wal


























    HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to KIVIVE, K'LULU, KADEEN, KAZIM, KAMAAL (Gucci) and KUM and in loving memory of KAREEM KHAN. KAREEM (owner: Matthias Broszat) died october 14th not yet 3 years old. He was run over by a car.



    ROUND UP 2014


    For AELAT MELTEM 2014 was a year with ups and downs.The negative was the loss of Kareem Khan. Kareem really was a dreamdog. He is deeply missed by his owners.

    In 2014 AELAT MELTEM was only represented by 2 afghans in the showring but they did great !!!! K'Lulu and Kum got together :

                                                 6 x CAC

                                                1 x RCAC

                                                4 x CACIB

                                                1 x RCACIB

                                                2 X BOS

                                                2 X BOB

    and they were only presented in 9 shows.

    Fatin and Kivive performed well at coursings !!!!

    and last but not least our FENRIR sired in 2014 the RASATH EL MAHAR

    'G' litter !!!! 7 pups were born.

    Fenrir and his sister Falak will take their start in veteran classes in 2015.

  • Gayada

    Gayada has found the right home.